We engaged Andrea to manage the rental of our home in lower Gibsons.

She initially located a suitable tenant, drew up the appropriate contracts, then managed the day to day financial and maintenance issues. During this time, we experienced a major heating and associated water damage situation. This was handled professionally and effectively and was a true test of her services. We were out of the country at the time, and totally relieved to know all was in good hands!

Her communication is excellent, covering financial statements as well as general status updates. She also has an established network of maintenance and service contacts. We highly recommend Andrea for any real estate management services.

Andy & Kathleen Harper

Andrea monitors our house for us when we’re away and we could not be happier with the service. She provides regular interior and exterior checks of the property and this was especially helpful one winter when our furnace froze up. We were told by the heating repairman that had she not noted the problem quickly, the improper wiring responsible for the malfunction may have led to a fire. Andrea is a great communicator and we are reassured by her timely emails and phone calls which have alerted us to potential problems while we are away. It’s wonderful to leave the house knowing that it will be checked and cared for properly!

Erika F., Gibsons, BC

We moved away from our home for 2 years and after great debate and hesitation, decided to rent it. With a recommendation, I called Andrea Kerr, Property Manager. Andrea researches tenants and looks for the best fit for homeowners and visa versa.  I cannot say enough positive about my experience. When the tenants needed repairs, she called me to explain, gave me options and we went forward. She has an arsenal of contractors that will repair or replace just about anything.

My property has a large garden, under my instruction, she hired a gardener that fulfilled my wishes for 2 years. Just before we returned, Andrea took care of a plethora of items that we needed addressed. We came back to our home as it was when we left. No stress and no surprises.

We travel extensively, we have asked Andrea to keep our keys and take care of our home once again. No tenants this time, just be there and keep the house in check.

Would I recommend Andrea, absolutely. 100%.

-Kathi Topham

Andrea is the utmost professional. After 20 years in the real estate profession, I’ve found Andrea to be super responsive, conscientious, attentive, considerate, and delivers a level of expertise that surpasses anything I have experienced. She is well connected with trades and services and handles any issues in a prompt and efficient manner.

Communication is outstanding!  If you are in need of a property manager or in need of a home to rent, you would be fortunate to have Andrea look after you.

Carla Hart

As a property manager on the Sunshine Coast, Andrea Kerr is a person, not a process. She is scrupulous in protecting the rental assets, documenting the existing condition of the home, checking smoke detectors, insurance and addressing any outstanding concerns or maintenance issues. She is a delight to deal with and I heartily recommend her to landlords who want the peace of mind of knowing their property will be rented to responsible tenants who will care for it like their own.

J Piros, Gibsons, BC