Visit the Residential Tenancy Branch to find out about your obligations and your rights or read the Guide for Landlords and Tenants in BC for more information.

Important Numbers

Tenancy Application

FIRE – call 911
then call Andrea 604-682-3074

Break & Enter and Vandalism
• Call the police first 604-885-2266
• Call 911 if the B&E is in progress or you suspect someone is still on the property
• Call Andrea 604-682-3074 to report damage

BC Hydro
1-800-224-9376   BC Hydro website

Fortis Gas
1-888-224-2710   Fortis BC website

Norris Oil

604-886-9663   Norris Oil website

1-888-811-2323   Telus website
• Home phone• Internet• Television• Cell phone

Coast Cable
604-885-3224   Coast Cable website
• Home Phone• Internet• Television

Talbot Insurance

604-886-2555   Talbot Insurance website
Home Owners and Tenants Insurance

Westland Insurance Group

604-886-2000   Westland Insurance website

Home Owners and Tenants Insurance